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Company AutoProkat BULGARIA offers to all its customers long term parking. At your attention and secure outdoor and indoor parking, closed near Burgas airport. Parking is 24/7 guarded around the clock works all week has video surveillance and all this at very reasonable prices. This service gives you the opportunity to come to the airport by your private car, we will meet you and will pick up your car on our secure parking.

You often arrive for business or pleasure, if you own a property in Bulgaria and have your own car, but do not live permanently in the country and are looking for a convenient way to "Meet and Parking", this offer is for you!
Our services include: car parking and in front of each of your visit will be washed, check fluids, tires, battery, and delivery of the car. We will do by the time of parking if only your car need to carry on, MOT Test, Concluding motor liability insurance, Road taxes, etc.
At your departure we will again be waiting for you to drive your car to the parking lot.
The car will be washed away at each visit of the owner, and will be delivered anywhere in the city of Burgas. Requires a minimum notice period - 48 hours.

We check all fluid levels of the car (oil, brake fluid, antifreeze) and tire pressure, and if necessary, in addition the owner will be notified.
If necessary, repair or maintenance of any additional activity is carried out after the approval of the owner of a separate agreement and approved in writing by the price.

The price of our services - 250€ per year. The price includes a one-time delivery and return the car at the airport of Burgas or to any point in the city.
Additional delivery and return is subject to an extra cost of 10€.
"AutoProkat BULGARIA" bears no responsibility for the cars of customers who have already been delivered to the use of their respective owners.


  • You save up to 80% by fees paid parking stay at the airport!
  • Using personal vehicle, you save money on paying expensive Taxi or Transfers!
  • You do not have to worry as how much you will it cost to get to the airport and back.
  • Select the most convenient, cheapest and most reliable way to do it.
  • On the territory of our parking your car is in a safe place - equipped with a high fence, lighting, security cameras and 24-hour security!
  • The advantage of the additional services that we offer!
  • Book your place in our parking lot through an online form or by phone!


  • We help to choose and buy a car!
  • Help with first or recurrent registration, licensing!
  • Routine tests!
  • Package maintenance and repair service!
  • We can helping for the first or second registration, licensing!
  • Concluding motor liability insurance!
  • Full comprehensive insurance!
  • Road taxes and etc
  • Ask, we will give you a good price for a specific service!


Make an online reservation. After confirming your online reservation of parking, you will receive:
Reservation number, which is available you to show at the meeting!
Receipt Unit Stake "Parking", which must pay at meeting!
The phone company representative and Telephone of Parking!

When you check !
A company representative of AutoPrakat meets you in front of the hall at the departing at the date and time you indicated! The contract will be filled with your data like name, Adderess, Telephone, e-mail, vehicle make and model, serial number and all the data of our company. It is only necessary to read, sign, do payment and transfer the keys and documents to our representative. The car will be preserved and protected well before your arrival with a new one!

When arriving!
A company representative of AutoPrakat will wait for you at the arrival hall of the airport "Burgas" on the date and hour of the reservation and will hand over your car washed and clean!

*Services "Meeting and parking" is work every day from 09: 00h to 18: 00h. Price for services out of time and on weekends will be the amount of 12€
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