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Traffic rules and penalties

In Bulgaria, be sure to use head lights on all year round. Children up to 12 years and less than 1.5 meters tall forbidden to transport in the front passenger seat. All those in the cars are required to wear seat belts. For a child up to 10 years or 36kg must be fitted with a special seat.
It is forbidden to use while driving a vehicle unit telephone system without the use of "hands-free".
Standard speed limits in Bulgaria (unless otherwise indicated on the signs).
The speed limit in Bulgaria.
Location: 50 km / h.
Outside of the village: 90 km / h.
Road: 120 km / h.
Motorway: 140 km / h but not less than 50 km / h.
By the highways that are permitted to accelerate to 140 km / h, are only those road sections that have been recently built or renovated, but not everything.
Foreign drivers are required to pay all fined immediately after the offense, without meaning to you left off, or you have taken a picture of radar camera km limit. But! A police officer has no right to take money from the offenders, the driver at fault will have to stomp to the bank on foot and pay receipt via bank transfer. If you do not agree with the penalty, you can try to appeal, but only if it amounted to no less than 50 BGN. A police officer has the right to withdraw a driver's license, even a foreigner, in which case it will be sent home the penalty box pouch. Permissible blood alcohol content of the driver in Bulgaria: 0,05 ‰.
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